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Film Composer Showcase: Daniele Ciminiello

About Me

Daniele Ciminiello is an Italian composer and pianist.

He showed a great musical talent since he was 11 and he was a child prodigy who can play and compose by ear even before he started to study music. Then he attended Piano and Composition courses at Tito Schipa Conservatory in Lecce and Santa Cecilia Academy in Rome.

He his a pianist, composer, arranger, orchestrator and he can make his orchestral mockups very realistic.

His works have been premiered at Auditorium Parco Della Musica in Rome, Usmar Ismail Hall in Jakarta and Carlo Bilotti Museum in Rome and his music is performed by various artists from all over the world.

He collaborated with international artists like Federico Mondelci and Duo Carrozzo-Fasiello.

His works have been published by RMN Classics and Phasma Music.


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